About the Blog

What does it mean to be? What does it mean to belong? These are the two questions fundamental to my PhD research, and to this blog.

In this research blog I write about my research process, my research itself, and about general topics which interest me. I question what it means to belong in relation to gender, sexuality, culture, and society. I explore queer issues, LGBT issues, questions of masculinity, questions of privilege, and ideas of Africanness. I question what it means to be: a scholar, a student, a citizen, an individual, a member of multiple communities, a human. I question how we can be when we feel like we do not belong. And I question how we can belong if we feel like we are not being.

My PhD explores the intersection of homophobia and xenophobia in South Africa. I look at how men from ‘other’ African countries who have same-sex desires or subjectivities experience their sense of self in a context of stigmatisation. This blog will deal with some of the challenges I experience, as well as (hopefully) some of the discoveries.

As I mention in my “About” page, I hope to remain committed to social justice and reconciliation. Although I am a researcher, I consider myself much more. This blog explores real issues facing real people, as well as memories and thoughts about everyday life.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world – Nelson Mandela